Cygwin, Perl

Upgrade cygwin perl to 5.8.8-4

Cygwin perl is broken after I upgrate to version 5.8.8-4. Let’s fix it!

You have to remove Compress::Zlib first. Otherwise, cpan wouldn’t work.

$ rm -fr `find /usr/lib/perl5/ | grep Compress | grep Zlib`

Then, you have to recompile Scalar::Util yourself because weaken is not supported by default.

cpan[1]> force install Scalar::Util

Now, it’s time to upgrade CPAN.

cpan[2]> install CPAN

If you want Compress::Zlib back, remove IO::Uncompress::Inflate first. There is a circular dependence between IO::Compress::Bzip2 and IO::Uncompress::Inflate. Unless you remove this inconsistency, Compress::Zlib can’t be installed.

$ rm -fr `find /usr/lib/perl5/ | grep Uncompress | grep '\bInflate'`

Finally, I recommend you reinstall Bundle::CPAN and Bundle::Test.


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